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Energy-saving lamps products explain some of the problem

Date: [ 2013/9/26 ]    Click [ ] count

1. How do you view the problem of energy-saving lamp warranty 1 year?

An energy-saving lamps if manufacturers guarantee commitment for 1 year, then its design life should be more than 2 years, we often say that the warranty of 1 year, that is to say I can guarantee you a minimum 1 year. Actually a product to a problem, it light up in the first place, or light problems about three months, if it's no problem it can generally use the longevity of the product.

2. Why do you say energy-saving lamp plastic in lit for a period of time will become yellow?

Plastic yellow is a basic characteristic of plastic, plastic yellow for many reasons, but one of the most important reason is the influence of uv light, PBT, material is not exceptional also, because in the process of light type, inside the tubes will produce ultraviolet (uv) light, ultraviolet radiation plastic to make it become yellow, of course, we can add some of the uv material in plastic, but this is just to extend the time of its yellow, in the long run it is yellowish. But plastics yellow does not affect some of the basic characteristics such as high temperature resistance and flame retardant.

3. How to judge whether a energy-saving lamps its components combined with strong?

Because in real life we don't have like laboratory dedicated instruments, we can only from the naked eye to observe and some simple movements to determine recognition. When we determine the combination of lamp holder and plastic solid degree, we look at the lamp holder and the combination of the plastic parts have crack, crack size is reasonable, hole depth, the lamp holder and then we use a hand grip lamp holder, one hand hold parts by hand to twist it, and if you can unscrew shows that the combination of the lamp holder is not strong.

When we judge tubes and plastic parts, plastic parts up and down between the strong degree, we can also observe first, and then hold them up and down side, gently shake and pull to move, the force cannot too big, also cannot too small, see if they have any loose phenomenon.

4. How to judge color rendering index of energy-saving lamps?

We can light up the lamp, according to their heart, and palm appears ruddy color indicated that the high color rendering index of this product, if the same color rendering index is low, palm is blue, no color.

We can also be a colored object in different light, compare your sense of color, again with you to the same object under the mt yao can feeling of color, can also judge that a light color rendering index.

5. Identify flux of energy-saving lamps and lighting?

Judge a energy-saving lamps are energy saving, energy saving effect is obvious, in the absence of the instrument, we can only with the eyes, to feel it shines or not if there is a comparison that is good, you can light up with power of energy-saving lamps, and see how they bright (one you think is better quality, of course, the price is high, the other is quality is bad, cheap), good energy-saving lamps light brightness is very high, you may feel a sense of dazzling, even poor energy-saving light like a candle, or like a T12 fluorescent tube, or even worse.

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